Growth  & Change Management

  • Do you have big dreams for growing your business or your team?
  • Are you frustrated with barriers and bottlenecks holding you back?
  • Is growth and change taking too long and costing too much?
  • What if failure is not an option?…And what would you attempt… if you knew success was certain?

The Cogent Executive circle of advisors and content area experts consults to business owners, leaders, managers, and teams.  We specialize in creating high impact strategies for growth and value creation — then managing the changes and decisive action required to achieve those goals.

Developing Growth Strategy

Many growing organizations mistakenly focus almost exclusively on marketing and sales. Few businesses are ready to service higher demand gracefully, leading to frustrated management, stressed-out staff, and dissatisfied customers. Our highly qualified consultants help you identify and remove bottlenecks holding your business back, creating a dramatically more productive and profitable enterprise. We systematically examine areas such as:

  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Competitive positioning
  • Marketing & sales
  • Capacity planning
  • Risk management

We help clients develop an integrated growth strategy, then support communication, collaboration, and accountability to greatly accelerate results. Contact our team to learn more about The Cogent Executive audit and consulting process.

Leading High Performance

The practices that helped you develop your organization in the past can actually throttle your ability to take it to the next level. Few leaders intuitively adapt their natural operating style to the needs of a larger, more complex organization. We help you harness your specific leadership style to build a high-performance organization delivering dramatically greater productivity and innovation — sustainably. Fine tune your:

  • Vision
  • Influence
  • Decision-making
  • Strategic intuition
  • Management systems & processes
  • Self-care

In addition to growing as a leader, to thrive you must develop a high-performance team that communicates, collaborates, and manages themselves and one another far more effectively, freeing you up to focus at a more strategic level. Contact our team to learn more about The Cogent Executive leadership development and high-performance teamwork  process.

Be Audacious.

Get Growing.

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.The Cogent Executive: Growth Strategies and Change Management for Business Owners, Leaders, Managers, and Teams