Before You Push SEND

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Management

Communication invariably emerges as one of the three greatest weaknesses in any corporate culture. Email is always identified as one of the three greatest time-and-productivity black holes in a busy professional’s day. Do you suppose they might be related? There is a whole strategic side to communication, but that’s a topic for another day. Today, I want to talk about … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Before You Push SEND

The Problem With The Golden Rule

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Influence, Management

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Most of us adopt the golden rule as a measuring stick for appropriate behavior. Google’s informal corporate motto, “Don’t be evil” points to it. It’s a great place to start, but taken too strictly it can get you into trouble. All of us have a natural bias to assume … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.The Problem With The Golden Rule

How to Control a Change Reaction

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Management, Strategic Intuition


According to change management specialist John Kotter, of every 20 change initiatives only 2 or 3 will fully succeed. Many will be abject failures, not because the mechanics of the transition haven’t been thought out, but because of resistance. I think those numbers are about right, whether we are talking about business reorganizations, new product launches, or executives transitioning into … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.How to Control a Change Reaction

My Favorite Mistake

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Strategic Intuition

Newsweek Magazine runs a brilliant column titled “My Favorite Mistake.” Each week a different person describes something stupid they did earlier in their career that helped to define who they are today. When captains of industry, well-known politicians, and prominent celebrities ‘fess up to their most egregious blunders, you quickly realize: Nobody’s perfect. Nobody. What distinguishes our cultural leaders is … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.My Favorite Mistake

Your Job is a Matter of Life and Death

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Self Care

We all know we’re going to die someday, but most of us act as though a special exception will be made in our case. Business professionals in high-pressure jobs are especially guilty. They work long hours, sleeping and exercising too little, eating junk food, and ignoring the down time necessary to recharge. Ignoring self-care adds to the stress of a … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Your Job is a Matter of Life and Death

What Your Boss Can’t Teach You

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Decision Making, Strategic Intuition, Vision

Highly successful business leaders and entrepreneurs have mastered it but have no idea how to teach it. To be brilliant at what you do, you need it too. Some call it a gut feeling. Others “just know,” and one boss I know refers to it as his “bullshit detector.” A friend relies on her “Spidey Sense,” that ability to divine … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.What Your Boss Can’t Teach You