6 Best Practices for Successful Virtual Teams

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Management


As of June 2013, Yahoo employees will no longer be allowed to work from home. Supposedly this new policy is part of CEO Marissa Mayer’s larger strategy for turning around ailing Yahoo. The smart money bets it’s something else: a disaster.  That train has left the station. Like it or not, no amount of wishing can turn back the clock … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.6 Best Practices for Successful Virtual Teams

Successful Business Transformation: 5 Lessons from a Marathon Runner

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Management, Self Care, Vision


One of the most important lessons I learned from one of my mentors is: How you do anything is how you do everything. It happens to be true, and the realization makes me much more attentive about everything I do, whether in the parts of my life I love, like my work and my family, or the necessary things I … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Successful Business Transformation: 5 Lessons from a Marathon Runner

Constructive Criticism & the Praise Sandwich

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Influence, Management

Ata Boy! The Praise Sandwich

Bianca Ryan is a rising star. If you’ve never heard of her before go here for a little introduction. If only we could all display her poise under fire! Although Bianca gets high praise for her abilities, this young girl also receives blistering criticism. She accepts it gracefully, incorporating it into her next performance, but that doesn’t solve her problems. If you think … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Constructive Criticism & the Praise Sandwich

Delegating Successfully

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Influence, Management


This blog is for a prospective client I talked to last week. Most of us become team leaders in one of two ways: Either we are promoted to management because of our technical excellence, or our business start-up flourishes and we suddenly can’t do it all ourselves. Unfortunately, the switch from managing ourselves brilliantly to managing others requires completely different … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Delegating Successfully

Rules for Constructive Conflict

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Influence, Management


You’ve worked with them: The team member who drops the ball, acts selfishly, doesn’t take responsibility for their own actions, or loses their cool. In an increasingly collaborative workplace, you have to be able to work with them anyway. Sure, you could find another job, but then you’re just as unable to cope with the next difficult teammate. You need … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Rules for Constructive Conflict

High Performance Management

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Management


There are six common blind spots that cause poor organizational performance, and are capable of bringing down an entire company. None of them are “set it and forget it” issues. All require constant attention. High performance organizations continuously evaluate their effectiveness in these six areas. Those that are consistently attentive have demonstrated long runs of market dominance. What are companies … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.High Performance Management

Work/Life Balance Tips

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Management, Self Care


When I finished graduate school, I swore I would never again keep a sleeping bag in the office. While I’ve kept that promise, there are still occasions when I worked until daybreak, or got up to work at home in the wee hours of the morning. That’s pretty typical for senior leaders, but it isn’t part of my routine anymore.  … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Work/Life Balance Tips

Strategic Communication

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Influence, Management

Last week I was interviewed by a reporter. She was writing an article on communication for executives and liked my earlier blog post on email etiquette.That article had practical tips for controlling your inbox so you can actually get something done. She wanted to know more. We discussed the strategic context of communications, not just what executives should be doing … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Strategic Communication

How to Build a Team

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Management


Every organization goes through developmental stages. It can be frustrating if you’re in a hurry, but you have to help your team walk before it can run. If you have deeply entrenched silos, personality conflicts, low morale, or inattention to quality or deadlines, the good news is it can be fixed. The bad news is, you eat the elephant one … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.How to Build a Team

What Kind of Leader are You?

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Management, Vision

Everyone agrees that most people default to one or two leadership styles, and that a skilled leader develops the flexibility to adopt different leadership tactics tailored to the situation. However, most discussions overlook how our natural style drives us to use certain strategies over others, creating blind spots. Such vulnerabilities are the shadow side of our greatest talents, occurring when … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.What Kind of Leader are You?