Prove It: Online Survey Tips

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Decision Making, Management

How do you know how you’re doing? If you’re a senior executive or run your own successful business, chances are your instincts serve you well, but there are plenty of times when instinct isn’t enough. You may want evidence to back up your gut. You may positively need it to persuade others to follow your lead. Doing good research is … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Prove It: Online Survey Tips

Grand Canyon Rules

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Management, Self Care

grand canyon without borders

I Say This For Your Own Good Let me be perfectly clear: This trip was not for the mani-pedi, dallying in a hammock, mint on your pillow at night set. Though the guides did most of the work of rowing us down the river, keeping the boat upright in the rapids, and keeping us fed, safe, and environmentally correct, we … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Grand Canyon Rules

Before You Push SEND

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Management

Communication invariably emerges as one of the three greatest weaknesses in any corporate culture. Email is always identified as one of the three greatest time-and-productivity black holes in a busy professional’s day. Do you suppose they might be related? There is a whole strategic side to communication, but that’s a topic for another day. Today, I want to talk about … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Before You Push SEND

The Problem With The Golden Rule

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Influence, Management

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Most of us adopt the golden rule as a measuring stick for appropriate behavior. Google’s informal corporate motto, “Don’t be evil” points to it. It’s a great place to start, but taken too strictly it can get you into trouble. All of us have a natural bias to assume … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.The Problem With The Golden Rule

How to Control a Change Reaction

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.Management, Strategic Intuition


According to change management specialist John Kotter, of every 20 change initiatives only 2 or 3 will fully succeed. Many will be abject failures, not because the mechanics of the transition haven’t been thought out, but because of resistance. I think those numbers are about right, whether we are talking about business reorganizations, new product launches, or executives transitioning into … Read More

E. Ann Hollier, Ph.D.How to Control a Change Reaction